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CH Harley x GCHB Ryder Babies   6/24/2020

8/15 Update:  Puppy Temperament testing and initial conformation evaluations are now complete.  I am still in the process of making final puppy selections based on those results, however, IF you have already received previous email confirmation that you are currently "On" for this litter, you definitely are!!  All tests results were close to what I expected so I will thankfully not have to make any changes to those that I have already notified (with puppy take home questionnaire)! :)  Please stay tuned for the final picks.  I will be letting everyone know asap!  I am excited to say that there were several incredibly strong matches!

Pics from this new adventure: 


New Puppy Pic Links:

We have expanded our play yard & have a cool new play gym!: 




New Puppy Pics (we just ate so a little food all over us!):


Harley & Babies: 



Harley Individual Puppy Pics (3wks old):


**I will hopefully be notifying those families on my wait list, this coming week, if it looks like there will be a puppy for them.  Pending of course, their final temperament and conformation evaluations at 7 & 8 wks old.  Please be patient, I know everyone is excited but please know that I am working through everything as quickly as humanly possible!! :)  And it is really tough to do paperwork instead of playing with the precious babies!**

Stay Tuned for updates!!