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Structural Testing:


Hips, Elbows, Shoulders and Eyes:  

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Please inquire if you are unable to locate any health check results.



Genetic Testing

P2RY12 Receptor Platelet Disorder

 Click on link above to view all of my DOG'S results. 

Please feel free to let me know if you are unsure of any of the information below and I will do my best to explain it further.  There is absolutely NO excuse for any breeder not to FULLY test all of their dogs. No reputable Swissy breeder is willing to "roll the dice" and make a breeding decision without ALL possible results.  If you talk to a "breeder" that does NOT do ALL possible testing on EVERY dog, ALWAYS, don't walk, RUN in the other direction! 

 What do the results mean??:

Clear = Completely Unaffected.  Dog is completely clear and does not carry the mutation.  

Carrier = Completely Unaffected/Clear.  Dog is completely clear and unaffected by the disorder however does carry the mutation.

Affected = Dog has a double copy of the mutation and can be affected by the bleeding disorder.  Sometimes they can carry two copies but are asymptomatic.  However, all of these dogs must be watched closely and females should NEVER be bred due to the very serious risk to their own life!

Simplified Explanation:  The pattern of Inheritance for the P2RY12 bleeding disorder is in an autosomal recessive manner.  In other words, an affected dog must inherit the allele from both parents. 

As a result, two carrier dogs should NEVER be crossed since theoretically, 25% of the resulting offspring will be affected with the bleeding disorder, 50% will be carriers and 25% will be completely clear of the disorder.

It is completely safe to cross one carrier parent with a clear parent since both parents MUST be a carrier to have a puppy that will be affected.  Therefore, it is impossible for a carrier parent crossed with a non- carrier parent to produce an affected puppy.  Worst case scenario, it is theoretically possible for 50% of the litter to be unaffected carriers.  It is also impossible for two clear parents to have any affected puppies.

**Also of note:  Some of the newer research is now questioning whether or not the P2RY12 marker is in fact the correct marker to predict Swissies that would/could suffer from an "unexplained bleeding episode". Personally, I prefer to take ALL possible tests and tools into consideration, prior to making any final breeding decisions. This includes, specific test results, specific bloodline history, vet recommendations, etc... **

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