Simply Swissies'

AKC CH Liberty x AKC CH Ryder Babies @ almost 2 Weeks Old All are perfectly marked and within the AKC standard. 

***4 Week Accomplishments:  Starting to eat on their own, wobbly stance turning to wobbly walking then ending the week steadier walking and a little hop here & there!***

Blue Boy 6.5 wks old

Green Boy, 6.5 wks old

Yellow 6.5 wks old

Orange 6.5 wks old / Liberty's "Mini Me"

Purple 6.5 wks old

Pink 6.5 wks old

Group shot, almost 5 wks old!

Pink (in front) & Yellow (in back) 4 weeks

Blue Boy (left) & Pink (right)

Green Boy 4 Weeks

Orange trying to figure out if she like it??

Purple 4 Weeks Old, might as well hop in!

Yellow 4 Wks Old

Pink (bottom) moving to the right, Yellow, Green Boy, Blue Boy (at top), Orange & Purple (next to Pink at the bottom)

3 Weeks Old and just starting to move around on their own.
Top Left:  Purple Female, Right: Yellow Female (Orange hiding in the back)
Lower right to left: Pink Fem, Green Male, Blue Male

Blue Boy using green for chin rest! 3 wks

Pink & Purple Girls:  3 Weeks Old

Fun Puppy Pile with Purple and Green supporting from the bottom! :)

Green Male, 2wks

Blue Male

Pink Female

Purple Female

Orange Female, laying on green brother!

Yellow Female

Other cute pics... BTW, I am using a new site builder so working on my new learning curve so please forgive the extra time and numerous mistakes, lol!

Puppy Love, almost perfect mirror images!  Too cute not to share!

Showing off our cute little tail tips!

And our "Swiss Kisses" (small white on back of neck) and tubby full bellies!

Puppy Pile, our "Fav" place to be when Mom is taking a much needed break.  Practicing our future cuddling skills, of course the unseen heating pad underneath helps to draw us in! :) 

AKC CH Simply Swissies' Liberty for All, Best of Breed win!

Below:  Liberty in her glory, loving weight pulling with a personal best of almost 5,500lbs on rails!  Beating Ryder every time, GO Girl Power! :)

AKC CH Captain Morgan Ryder, finishing his Championship at only 1.5yo!

Below:  Trying to give Ryder the "Girl Power" hint with the pink harness, lol!  He was actually growing so fast at the time that I had to borrow one that actually would fit him.  His best pull is almost 3500lbs on rails.

He is currently a lean 126lbs, not an ounce of fat at just over 2 years old.  He just keeps getting nicer and nicer with one of the most awesome personalities that I have ever had in a male!

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