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Health Clearances

Always willing to share individual health clearances, please do not hesitate to ask!  :)  Both structural and genetic test results available.

Zeus and Apollo, Father & Son

CH Apollo (Savannah x CH Zeus) & CH Zeus (BOB):
Zeus -- P2RY12 Clear 
CH Apollo (Son, left); CH Zeus (Dad, right)

GCH CH Bella -- AKC Champion in ONLY 3 Weekends!! :)
** GCHB CH Bella's 2019 GSMDCA Awards are official!! **

** TOP Producing Dam of Champion offspring **
** Total of 6 Finished AKC Champions in 2019 **
** Earned her ROM (Register of Merit and a special spot in the GSMDCA history books!) for having produced 5 AKC Champion offspring **

Bonnie x Jerry, full sister of Liberty & Justice
P2RY12 -- Clear by Parentage 
Bella has now completed her Grand Championship Bronze level too, completely owner handled!
 Two 5 Point Majors in Harrisburg 2017, our first weekend in the ring!! 
Bella 12 Months Old
Bella 1.5 years old 

GCHB CH Captain Morgan Ryder of Happy Ranch    Thank you Alex for trusting me with such an amazing boy!

Ryder's 2019 GSMDCA Awards are official!!

 ** TOP Producing Sire of Champion offspring **   

** Total of 7 finished AKC Champions!! **

** #7 Owner handled GSMD/Champion **

** #7 Top Ten Dog in Breed Points **

and just shy of the top 20 in total breed points, it was almost a trifecta, maybe in 2021!!


P2RY12 -- Carrier (Unaffected)


Ziva's Title progress:  

Ziva is major pointed (with only limited showing) in AKC Conformation and will hopefully be finishing her championship soon (only 2pts to go)!  

 She is also talented in weight pulls, finishing her first level with a best pull so far of 2,830lbs! 

P2RY12 -- Carrier (Unaffected)


Bonnie & Jerry Babies
Bonnie (Mom), Liberty & Justice - pictured @ 9 Weeks Old
P2RY12 -- Both are Clear by Parentage 
CH Simply Swissies' Liberty For All
Liberty has earned all 3 legs of her weight pull titles (3-10x, 15x &  20x her weight). The most she has pulled so far ,is 9,100lbs on rails! And has completed her AKC Championship as well.
Justice has earned 1-10x her weight at her first pull and she has 5 AKC Conformation points toward her championship.
Stay tuned for further updates as we do more weight pulls and AKC shows.

Liberty & Justice -- 12 Weeks Old
The "twins", Liberty & Justice, 8 Months Old

Harley & Ryder

CH Simply Swissies' Harley Quinn's Joyride:  She is now also an accomplished "ACE" level weight puller with a personal best of 8,600lbs!

GCHB Ryder has completed his AKC Grand Champion Bronze (completely owner handled)!!  Ryder is also progressing nicely with weight pulls, his current best is 3,100lbs and he is well on his way to finishing those titles as well!!  


Bonnie - pic2 yrs old (1/2 Sister of Zoey & Zeus)

P2RY12 -- Clear 

                                                                           Bonnie 12 mos old

Savannah -- Russian Import

P2RY12 -- Carrier (Unaffected)

Jerry (European Import/Outcross Male)

P2RY12 -- Clear 
Penn Hip 90% = His hips are better than 90% of all GSMD's in the Penn Hip Data base.

 P2RY12 -- Clear 



The "Gang" Warming up


Zoey (3 yrs old):

Zoey (6 mos old):

Zeus (6 mos old):

Mindy -- Retired

Happy New Year 2018 from the always stunning Ms.Mindy at almost 12.5 years young!!
Mindy at 12 years young!! :)

Mindy was an amazing girl that loved everyone, but especially my sister and her boys.  She watched over them like they were her babies!  Whether human or animal, she adopted them all, she was everything a Swissy should be.  She passed peacefully from natural causes at 13years, 11 months, less then a month away from the ripe old age of 14.  She was dearly loved and will never be forgotten.  RIP happy girl! 8/24/19

Solo (Mindy x Sherman) -- Sadly Retired Early

Shermie -- Senior Sire (Retired)

12 Years Young!!


 Happy New Year 2018 from the handsome and lovable boy, Shermie, now also 12.5 years young.  He and Mindy love to hang out during the Holidays!

Sherman lived a long and happy life, sadly passing of natural causes just 3 months shy of his 14th birthday. He was a happy, handsome and loving boy right up until the end and leaves a huge hole in all of our hearts. RIP Shermie, you will live on in our hearts forever! 6/20/19

Annie -- Retired


Brie -- Retired


 Kenzie --  Retired


Molly -- Forever in my heart!


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