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All Things Puppy:  Recommendations & items that I use/like

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate | iCrate Single Door & Double Door, best deal that I have found for fairly sturdy crates.  Most of mine are this make.   I recommend the 48" for frequent at home use.  42" is usually okay for traveling if needed.  One or two door is a completely personal decision based on where you plan to use it. 

Midwest crate covers (I have all of the gray ones for shows)

Although their shipping is rather expensive.  If they will be at a local show that I am attending, I am more than willing to pick up a prepaid order and meet you on my way home if that helps.  I have all pink pads for my crates.  They look really nice with the gray covers for shows.

For "Show Prospect" puppies or general health/growth and development.  Start off with 500mg, once a day, then twice a day, until you are giving 1000mg am/pm for a total of 2000mg. 

Puppy & "All Life Stages" Foods that I use:
Blue Ridge Beef (Raw Options)

For puppies or adults so they can not slip their heads out of the collar while training or in areas that could be dangerous if they were to get loose.  ** DO NOT leave on without supervision **

For "Show Prospect" puppies or to just help strengthen front pasterns (ankles) by having to stand up on toes to reach the bowl.  This one is decent however, it may need to go higher which maybe achieved by placing the legs of the bowl in PVC pipe to increase the height as needed?  I have not tried it yet.  Please let me know if you do and if it works to modify it!!  If this is needed, make sure to add Vitamin C too!!

Nail Trimming:   
Pet Dremel (W/attachments)  or 
Styptic Powder, just in case a nail bleeds     

In Between Baths:  The best smelling waterless shampoo

Hard to find Swissy Items:
Beach Swissy front license plate
Bone magnet: I love my GSMD Magnet
Bumper sticker:  I love my GSMD
Swissy Plaque:  Home with a GSMD
Swissy Patriotic Garden Flag:  American flag background (I have this one hanging in my foyer)

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