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Puppy Update:  Now that all temperament testing, conformation evaluations and vet check ups are complete, I am slowly but surely working on placements.  I know everyone is super excited but these matches are for the life of the dog and I do take it extremely seriously, so please be as patient as possible!  Once the placements are complete, due to the current time period we are in :( , I am preparing and will be emailing all paperwork.  If you could print everything out, read everything over, then start signing away!  Once everything is complete, if possible, scan back in and email back to me, saved with Liberty, your first & last name.  I will print everything out and have organized in folder in puppy take home bag. Any questions, just let me know.  I can't wait to see everyone meet their new additions for the first time! :)   

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GSMD Puppy Contract


General Puppy Contract



This agreement is made and entered into this ______ day of __________________ 20__ by and between __________________________________(Seller),
and____________________________________ (Buyer), for the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of purchase by the Buyer of a purebred Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Puppy from the litter whelped on ____________________________________ out of _______________________________ and________________________________.



For $__________, the seller agrees to sell and the buyer agrees to purchase a  female_____,  male ____   puppy from the litter described above subject to the following terms.


1. Seller warrants that the above described puppy/dog is a purebred Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
registerable with the American Kennel Club (AKC)and that registration papers will be provided to the Buyer as of the date of the completed purchase (all funds cleared).


2. Seller warrants that the above-described puppy/dog is in good health at the time Buyer assumes ownership. Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian with in three (3) days (not including weekends and holidays) of receipt of puppy/dog.


If, as a result of the examination, the Veterinarian determines that the puppy/dog is not in good health then the Buyer shall elect to keep the puppy/dog or return the puppy/dog to the Seller for a refund. If the buyer elects to return the puppy, Buyer shall, within 10 days after the date of the signing of this contract, send to Seller by certified mail a written Veterinarian's certificate stating that the puppy/dog was in ill health when examined. Upon receipt by Seller of said certificate, Buyer shall be obligated to return the puppy/dog to Sellers at Buyers expense. Upon receipt of the puppy/dog, the Seller shall be obligated to refund all monies received from Buyer toward the purchase price of the puppy/dog, and further performance under this contract shall be null and void. All action taken to return the puppy/dog shall be done with the best interest of the puppy/dog in mind including but not limited to; temperature at time of shipment, non-stop flights, etc…


3. Ownership of the puppy/dog will be transferred to the Buyer for the sale price of $________ to be paid as follows: $______deposit on execution of the Agreement with the balance of $_________ to be paid on or before the puppy/dog leaves the Sellers premises. If the balance is not paid within two weeks (14 calendar days), this Agreement shall be cancelled and the Buyer forfeits the deposit given hereunder.


4. If delivery is requested by Buyer, it shall be by prepaid (at buyers expense) airfreight or airfreight, C.O.D. to a designated location. Buyer is responsible for costs of crate, insurance during shipment, and cost of freight charges. If Seller has to purchase crate prior to shipping, Buyer shall reimburse Seller in full for this cost.


5. If the Seller determines that the puppy/dog is of "pet quality" and is NOT suitable for breeding, Seller shall provide Buyer with an AKC Limited Registration Certificate.


6. Buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as an agent in the purchase or this puppy/dog and that Buyer will not sell this puppy/dog or its progeny to any agent, pet store or guard dog business.


7.  Buyer agrees that if it becomes necessary to sell or otherwise dispose of this puppy/dog, Buyer will notify the Seller before taking such action so that the puppy may, at the Sellers' option, be returned to the Seller.


8.  Buyer agrees that the puppy will reside at the home of the Buyer, have access to a fenced yard, not be chained or tethered, and will be provided with proper housing, a good quality diet, annual shots and exercise. Buyer also agrees that this puppy/dog will not be used as a guard dog for any business. Buyer agrees that at least one basic obedience training course will be completed with the puppy/dog.


This Agreement is made and signed by both parties to insure the well being and protection of this puppy/dog. If the Buyer breaches any part of this Agreement, the Seller is released from any obligations under this Agreement.


By: ________________________________ Date:___________________________






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