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White Markings:  What to Expect
When the pups are first born, their white is very prominent.  As they grow & get older, the white almost seems to shrink back.  The first photo shows the newborn pup (on right).  The second photo shows the same pup at 6 weeks old (on right).  And the final photo shows the same pup again at 5 months old.  Hopefully this will help you see how the white changes somewhat over time.


Pink Noses -- What to Expect

Swissy noses typically change from pink to black fairly quickly however there are times that it can take almost a year +  for the nose to fully change over to black.  Some "lines" tend to change more quickly while others seem to take longer.  Either way, whether fast or slow, they all still eventually change over to solid black.

I will be uploading example pics asap.

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